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New Artwork, New Vision


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New Screenplay in the Works

Despite being busy with continued editing and production plans for his first screenplay, “A Portrait of a Young Artist”, as well as other projects, artist Seth Tyler Black is continuing the pursuit of a dream by starting his second screenplay, now going by the short name “Bohemia”, which is expected to the structure of his short stageplay that goes by the same name.

On Seth Tyler Black’s personal Facebook site, he made the news public early yesterday morning with a short snippet from one of the sections of the new screenplay:

“When people ask why I insist on working on art instead of hanging out and doing, what I would consider, unproductive things, simple things, I simply say devotion, and to prove you wrong, and to prove them wrong.”

“Who is them?”

“Them.” -Bohemia

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming screenplay.

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