John’s Lullaby: A Poem from “A Portrait of a Young Artist”

I love you,

but you are not what you seem.

A rock on the road will not be the end.

You are my one and only,

and I have put everything behind me

in order to pursue you.

I made an apostasy in order to be with you.

I gave up too much to leave.

I am here for you,

nothing that anyone can say will separate us.

I finally feel like I have a place,

and no one can take that away.

I stand by you,

and no one can change,

no one can end.

No one can strangle this but myself.

You took my heart,

and I do not want it back.

Vindictive or pleasant you may seem,

you are mine.

Successful you may not be to them,

but to me, oh yeah.

Ostensible pretentious views that make you,

make you,

and you would be an empty bottle without it.

Don’t change for them.

I am happy with you the way you are,

and I won’t let them get to you.

Don’t let them strangle you.

Since you are me,

and I am you,

we are one.

And if we go down,

we go down together.

But I’ll keep fighting for you.

My love,

my voice,

my art.


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