Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (updated)/Project Update

“A Portrait of a Young Artist” has been officially edited, and submitted to the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. Wish it luck! The dates of the festival are April 16-25. This is Seth Tyler Black’s first feature length screenplay that he has submitted to a festival.

Update:”A Portrait of a Young Artist” has also been submitted to Rhode Island International, Toronto Independent, and Nantucket, Film Festivals.

Instead of waiting for the “Portrait”‘s success, Seth Tyler Black is working on his next feature length screenplay: “The Madder the Hatter”. It is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, but from the mad hatter’s perspective and 150 years later. This will not be a retelling of Carroll’s legendary tale, but a different angle and position reguarding a character from his novel, the Mad Hatter. Why is he mad? How long has he been in Wonderland? What does he do? Does he like being in Wonderland? All of this, and more, will be answered in the new screenplay, “The Madder the Hatter”. Keep your eyes peeled for a more definitive logline and preview excerpts in the near future.


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