Similar Themes in Artist’s Work

Although it may seem like I am obsessing like a fan with his head cut off, I truly appreciate the amazing piece of art that this artist continues to put out day after day. This artist is one of the people that I truly appreciate for her hustle and attention to detail. She never let her fame or popularity drive her success;she truly works her tail off for her art, something that I highly admire and try to channel when planning out projects. She never sleeps or sells herself short. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable. She is mentioned in earlier posts and is truly inspiring for young and emerging artists like myself. Yes, I am talking about Lady Gaga.

Now, I must say that I was one of those people that I entered  the pool with her crazy monster fans anxiously waiting for her new video premiere on Monday. I even wrote a post on her forum when it was announced that her video would premiere a day late:

“I am literally sick of these comments saying “I’m so disappointed” and “you are letting us down”. You people need to understand that artists set deadline, and they work their asses off to achieve those deadlines, but sometimes we fall just short. Yeah, the video is going to come out a day late, but that does not mean that Gaga didn’t bust her ass trying to get it out today. Artists like things to be perfect. This is the “Bad Romance” video that people will be watching for years and years. The last thing an artist wants is to see things that they know could have been better if they had more time. Gaga is fortunate to have the time, and is making the video perfect for US. Respect the artist, respect the art. It is going to come out.”

I must say that I am not one of her normal fans. I watch her videos over and over again, not because I am obsessed with Gaga, but to analyze her message and find inspiration in her art.

And I must say that there is much to be said in her new music video for her first single off of her  second album, “Bad Romance”.

In Gaga’s newest art project, I found similarities in the message that both her and I try to convey.

First off, within the interpretation of the song and video I found that both of us have a certain level of fear for the acceptance of love. Her fear is symbolized by the burning and death of a person that could be interpreted to be her lover, a person that is forced upon her by the people around her. My fear is found within my poem “Letter to My Second Love“, a poem that I wrote well before hearing this song. We would both rather focus on our art rather than diverting our attention by love and not completing our dreams to their fullest potential.

However, the most poignant message that I got out of the video comes from an image where she seems to be unhappy and distressed by being chained down by a string of diamonds while a table of people just sit and watch. This symbolizes, to me, the need to stay true to your art and not letting the fame or wealth take over her career, a fear of wealth. This image is reminiscent of my drive to stay true to my own art and not letting outside factors influence it, which closely resembles how I feel about my screenplay “A Portrait of a Young Artist” (if I don’t get an agent or producer, it is going to be done independently). I do not need money in order to necessitate me working and writing screenplays, poems, essays, and short films. I am driven by my art, not by money, just like Gaga. I can care less if I only get paid a penny, I will always work extremely hard in order to put out amazing projects.

All of these themes are found in “A Portrait of a Young Artist”, once again, an art installation that I have been working on since conception in July.

Gaga and I seem to be on the same wavelength, and I truly find that interesting. She is a muse, an inspiration, and a friend in my head. If we were to meet and talk, I know that we would hit it off and talk art and philosophy for hours, but until then I will admire and appreciate from afar.


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