Some call me missing

Some call me lost

Some just simply don’t care.

I am an enigma to even my own son

But they aren’t the only ones

That find me enigmatic.

I am a mystery to even myself

I alone do not know

Which world I belong in.

One in which my lovely Penelopia resides

Or one which is filled with enticing temptations.

Oh how dare my heart be split!

One world where I have

Only one true love

And millions of others that forget my existence.

One world with millions that care

Months on end.

But they aren’t sure of my true self.

I must make this trek across the seas

To test my true love for dearest Penelopia.

If the temptations get the best of me

I shall never see her again.

But if I make it I shall live

In prosperity for the rest of my years.

I am quiet and ready.

Let the best world consume me…


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Filed under The Romantic, The Vagabond

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