In Lakes and Rain

Dried up in the sun
Spoken for by everyone
But I speak of my own importance

So quiet
That when I am outspoken
I am a disturbance.
But will always be resting in my journeys end

Still despite eloquence and beauty
I am known for my disturbances
And proudly so
Just to be known
As a disturbance

Still I rise and fall
Picking one spot to land and focus on
My own area of expertise

Just to start the cycle over
To be another disturbance
But looked upon amazingly when quiet

For without the disturbances I wouldn’t be there
To gaze upon

It is those disturbances
That make me amazingly quiet
And free flowing

I am as subtle as water
In lakes and rain

first published by Mi Poesía, Seth Tyler Black’s old blog-July 2007


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Filed under The Nature Child, The Philosopher

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