At One

The cool breeze washes around my face
As I look up into bitterness of the oncoming storm.
Only a short few seconds could tell me
How much longer I have to wait.

I start to hear the rain droplets speckle
Upon the leaves of the woods overhead.
I quickly abandon my safe haven
And run to the forest gate
Hoping to beat the storm to the outside world.

Muddy shoes sloshing and stamping.
Sound trying to keep up
With every jolted movement of my feet.

The sound of thunder embraced
The air around me.
I rapidly kicked off my shoes
To lessen the weight
And make my strides

My race turned quickly
As I began to hear the shower
From behind me.

I broadened my sight
Just to see that the exit
Was only a few yards ahead.

I pushed my last leg
And pulled myself through the tightly packed trunks
That guarded the gate.

I started to hear the gusts of wind
As I ran outside of my threshold.
I turned around
And took one last glance at what I call home.

The rain swirled overhead
And engulfed the spring area
Instantly drenching my self.

And all I could do was smile.
Nothing in the world mattered to me.

I raised my arms in the air
And threw myself to the ground.
I stared up at the sky
And let the droplets pierce my pupils.

I welcomed the thunder
And lighting.
Not a care in the world
As I laid there
Smiling and free.

first published by Mi Poesía, Seth Tyler Black’s old blog-July 2007


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