Breakfast blend
Brew me a fresh cup.
Last until eight, it’s eleven.
Lunchtime has never seemed complete without the fresh blend.
Five minutes to brew, one minute to drink. That is the way the coffee
grinds in my house.
Blending at breakfast and brewing at lunch, I enjoy drinking my liquid
throughout the day. Amount is just a number, nothing to live by.
That is why it is three and I have already had five cups, why I let my
teeth stain after every sip. I enjoy watching my black caffeine drip with every new
batch. Only a singular hour separating the greatness.
This process continues throughout the day. Hour by hour, cup by cup,watch as countless
mugs dirty. By the end I am tired and wasted from liters of caffeinated coffee.
This beverage stirs in my veins, creating a toxic formula that eats at my bones, making me
shorter with every great cup. There is nothing to do but simply say that I love it.

first published by York Daily Record:Teen Takeover Blog-December 2007


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Filed under The Philosopher, The Romantic, The Vagabond

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